Wednesday 5 May 2010

Claudia Fallah Herbapeel Facial

Claudia Fallah kindly invited me to experience a Herbapeel Light treatment at her beauty room which is tucked away in a quiet Marylebone terrace row behind busy Oxford Street. Claudia is Germany’s natural skincare guru and has been a professional skin care therapist for the past 23 years. She has trained with noted dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in Germany and has developed her own luxurious natural skincare range, using pure plant ingredients to accelerate the skin’s healing process.

Claudia is often referred to as one of London's ‘best kept secrets’ and has a strong following with numerous celebrity clients from the stage, screen and the music industry.

She introduced me to her own line of skin care and talked me through her range of treatments. All products within Claudia’s range are chemical free, hypoallergenic and can be used on all skin types. The range is renowned for dramatically accelerating the healing process when used after laser treatments, skin peelings and cosmetic surgery. It is also as highly effective on sensitive skin, blemishes, skin trauma, burns and allergic reactions. She worked along side a plastic surgeon when training and developing her product range.

Claudia was quick to comment how I have the best skin she has come across! (She normally deals with people with skin concerns, acne, scaring etc). My only skin concern was that I sometimes (generally in the winter) get dry patches across my forehead and top of my cheeks – I believe this is due to having the heating on full blast in my car! Other than that, I have noticed that in the last 2 years I tend to get breakouts during the time of the month, just the odd spot here and there but before that I rarely ever got spots. At the time of visiting, I had a couple of spots around my chin area – Claudia commented these were hormonal. She also told me to drink plenty of bottled water or filtered water and not to drink straight from the tap as they add hormones to tap water and this can alter your skin and cause breakouts (we learn something new each day).

I asked her about the scaring on my upper left arm, which looks like a bite, and whether she could suggest something that would heal the scar or make it look less noticeable. A lot of people comment on it as in the summer when I have a tan it really stands out! I had a TB injection when I was about 12 and the doctor stuck the needle in, realised it was in the wrong place, pulled it back out and stuck the same needle back in! It obviously got infection and I was left with a nasty ugly looking scar. I should of maybe took action over the doctor at the time, but as I was young I didn’t think – Claudia said there is not much I can do now as its old scarring but if I had treated it straight away then the scaring would be minimal.

Claudia’s facials are more of a medical approach than a fancy relaxing and soothing type of facial. Her beauty room is light and airy, yet peaceful and when you lie on the comfy bed there is a sky light in the ceiling. After a skin consultation Claudia said the Herbapeel Light would be suitable for my skin. Herbapeel light is a safe, highly effective and successful non-chemical method offering the very latest in deep facial peeling. Developed with natural ingredients, it gently removes the skin’s upper layer and produces a new fresh and toned skin for fast results. No gloves were worn during the treatment! When the Herbapeel Light mask was applied it did tingle slightly but wasn’t uncomfortable.

She applied the renowned ‘cover rescue’ at the end of the facial to disguise any redness, as she believes nobody should leave the salon with a bright red face! This product was originally developed to help inflammation and redness following cosmetic surgery and speed up the healing process. She kindly gave me a sample to try at home to treat any blemishes.

Claudia was warm and bubbly and kind natured…it felt like I was visiting an old friend. She is very passionate about skincare and nature and she is very knowledgeable on the subject. Time was a little tight, but I felt I could learn so much from Claudia.

What is different and refreshing about Claudia Fallah that makes her stand out from the other beauty salons is her observation of all round health care affecting your skin, not just what products you are using. I think this is something we all forget that it’s not just the products we use; it’s also our diet and lifestyle that can have a reaction to our skin. However, the herbal peel gives you that perfect chance to make fresh start with glowing skin –I left the salon with a perfectly polished face!

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