Thursday 6 May 2010

Wednesday means Steak Night!

I went out for dinner on Wednesday with my friend and thought I would share this fab offer thats on every wednesday at Revolution Bars! Im sorry to any veggies out there but for you meat lovers wednesdays are steak nights! Usually with these type of special deals you get a thin and tiny piece of steak, served with frozen type chips and have to pay extra for sauces and drinks! We had a generous sized steak which was cooked to perfection, homemade chunky chips, peppercorn sauce (served in a shot glass!) and a drink for £7.95 (wine or beer is included but as I was driving I had a cuppa tea!)

It was sooooo nice I shall definately be indulging in this fine offer again! Its making me hungry typing this!



  1. Oh this looks tooo nice!
    Even more so than usual as I am on a diet atm!

    Fee x

  2. The Revolution steak and chunky chips looks nice..


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