Sunday 30 May 2010

Up in the Air with Liz Earle

Air Travel can take its toll on your skin, so make sure you stay refreshed and hydrated before, during and after your trip with the New Liz Earle’s Flight Essentials Kit. The kit includes four of the most popular Liz Earle beauty must-haves in cabin-friendly sizes! These sets are perfect size for not only flights but for travel and weekends away or to keep in your handbag.
The Zip Up Bag contains:

♥ Instant boost skin tonic Spritzer 30ml (once this is empty you can always refill from your larger bottle)
♥ Skin Repair moisturiser dry/sensitive skin 15ml
♥ Superbalm 15g
♥ Hand repair 15ml
In Flight Skin Saving Tips:

Moisturise: Before take-off, splash your face with water and apply Skin Repair Moisturiser and a little of the emergency skin salve, Superbalm. Be sure to reapply these products to ensure skin does not become dry.

Be good to your skin: Leave your skin make-up free when travelling and drink plenty of water to counterbalance the dehydrating and tiring effects of long haul flights.

Aisle seat please: If you prefer a window seat, apply a sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher to avoid any sun exposure through the window.

Sleep: It is usually difficult to sleep on a plane, but if you can it will help you feel and look more refreshed when you land. Take a small travel pillow wrapped in a cotton pillowcase to help you catch forty winks.

To brighten tired eyes: Apply a little Liz Earle Eye Bright onto two cotton pads and leave on your eyes for 5-10 minutes for a refreshing treatment.
These Flight Essential bags are available from priced at £15.75

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