Sunday 16 May 2010

Record Breaking Nails!

This week I took part in breaking a World Record....congrats to LCBT for nailing it! Students studying at the London College of Beauty Therapy filed and polished a combined length of 200 metres of fingernails to set a new Guinness World Record. In total 1,897 men and women took part in the record attempt on May 13th 2010.

The new World Record - for the highest number of file and varnishes performed over an eight hour period - was set to publicise the wide range of fun and exciting careers that are available in the beauty industry.

When I arrived at LCBT (London College of Beauty Therapy) I was a little early for my appointment as I’d been invited along to the VIP press event beforehand; I was quickly ushered in to have my treatment so I missed out on meeting the organisers sadly! The college was heaving and hectic with people rushing around....organisers, manicurists and volunteers some of whom were men! According to LCBT around 20% of those supporting the cause were men, showing their increasing awareness of the way they look.

There were around 100 girls set up performing conveyor belt type manicures and I presumed that it would be a super quick file and polish! However I wasn’t rushed, and my manicure took 30 minutes to complete and the manicurist was friendly and chatty. The nail polishes they were using were by MAD which isn’t a brand I am familiar with but there was a great arrangement of colours to choose from and they seemed good quality. At the end of the treatment we were given a nail file and a badge to take away.

Presenting the record certificate, Jack Brockbank, Guinness World Records Adjudicator, said: “Despite this essentially being a speed record not one of you allowed your quality to suffer.” In excess of eight litres of nail polish - donated by Mad Beauty - was required for use by the students working from 108 nail stations located in salons throughout the building. The event raised hundreds of pounds for the Wellbeing of Women medical health charity.

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