Tuesday 18 May 2010

Diet Coke Nails Inc

Hello Ladies!

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine today :)

I nipped to Boots today on my lunch break purely to pick up a couple of the limited edition Nail Inc nail polishes free when you buy 2 bottles of Diet Coke....but I also found myself in Topshop too....Oppps!

The array of colours are fab and I was tempted to pick up all 4 shades...but on closer inspection 'New York' (hot pink) is identical to Nails Inc Shoreditch of which I have 2 bottles so really dont need a 3rd! 'Milan' (Red) is very similar to Nails Inc Beach so I resisted on those two but picked up 'London' which is a perfect Nude shade and 'Paris' a bold and vivid purple.

'London' is in the same family as metro chic and all of the the dirty grey/nude/brown/greyish tones. It is somewhere in the middle and a mixture of Nails Inc Bare and Nails Ic Jermyn Street as the photos below compare.

Left to Right: Nails Inc 'Bare'; Nails Inc Diet Coke 'London'; Nails Inc 'Jermyn Street'; Sephora OPI 'Metro Chic'.

Funny thing is I never drink Diet Coke..but now have 4 bottles! This is definately a clever marketing campagin i've been well and truely sucked in ahhhhh!

Diet Coke anyone?


  1. I bought all four shades, I drank that diet coke in 3 days lol.

    I like them all but my favourite out of the four is Milan.

    X x

  2. Hmmmm...I wonder if they'll do this in the States.
    Colors are not bad, really.

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