Sunday 8 May 2011

Coming Soon...Beauty UK Shatter Polishes

For all you nail lovers out there, you will be keen to hear that next week, Beauty UK are launching their own special effects nail polish range.

The new collection shall contain a range of Beauty UK Shatter Nail polishes and a matte top coat polish to transform your nail polishes and bring them up-to-date. With just one coat, you can use the shatter or the matte on top of any colour to create your own individual look and make a striking statement.

I have no doubt these polishes will be purse friendly yet high quality. Keep an eye out for swatches and my thoughts on the collection.

Are you a fan of Nail effects? Matte nails? Or shatter polishes?



  1. i'm not such a fan, i prefer block colours.! xx

  2. i love anything nail polishes except when the bad quality nail polish *ugh* ^___^ I've always like BeautyUK eyeshadow palette...we'll see about this nail polish shattered then..^_^

  3. I have some shatter polish, it's amazing!


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