Saturday 7 May 2011

Superdrug Beauty Card Updated

It is now only 3 days to go until Superdrug's Beauty Loyalty Card is launched, and since my last post, Chris (from Superdrug) offered me some further helpful information that you all may be interested in reading.

Superdrug still have a lot of things under wraps but there shall be links with their sister company, The Perfume Shop. The Perfume Shop will launch their loyalty card later in the year, and if you have a Superdrug BeautyCard or Perfume Shop card you can use them in either store. The same lady who developed the Beautycard, developed the Advantage Card for Boots, and she has put right all the things she got wrong with her past experience.

  • You are able to part-pay for products using the Beautycard
  • The Beautycard shall have a handy mirror on one side
  • Points can only be spent in multiples of 100, meaning if you have 900 points, you can spend them on a product worth £9.99 and pay the extra 99p
  • You must of registered your card before you can redeem your points
  • Superdrug's offers, which shall change monthly, will have bonus points attached to them, and you will get personalised bonus points sent to your email regularly, especially on the products you buy the most.
  • Many stores are holding special events or pamper days to celebrate the launch of the card.
Will you be signing up for the Beauty card?



  1. Looking forward to this. I want a few bits so holding off till the launch xx

  2. I love the fact you can part-pay with this card - I work in Boots and the amount of angry customers we get because of not being able to part-pay is ridiculous! I love Superdrug so I'm really excited about this launch! I don't really get the multiples of 100 thing though, maybe just me being stupid lol? xx

  3. @hannah I have added an example for you! :)

  4. This sounds promising, always wondered why they never had a loyalty card! xx

  5. I think I'll probably sign up but I don't often go in I always go in Boots. I don't like the fact that you only get 1 point per pound but I do like the fact you can part pay.

  6. I will stick with the Boots card

  7. This is so exciting I have been waiting for this for ages - although i'm off to the Bannatyne Spa the same day aaarrr so many good things in one day!!

  8. I like the idea of that beauty card. If you always buy such products, you should definitely have a beauty card of your own.

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