Saturday 8 August 2009

Boogie Nights Collection by EzFlow

Ezflow very kindly sent me some products to try from LA. First of all here is the Boogie Nights collection - which is coloured acrylic powder set. The great thing about this set is that any of the powders can be used with any monomer - usually you have to use the same type and brand to mix with the powder or else the chemical reaction to turn it into arylic liquid wont happen! This set came with 12 little pots of different coloured powdered arylic, bottle of monomer and nail tips. I havent tried these yet but this is what i make from the colour of the powder - they may of course look different mixed with the monomer and applied on the nail.

Silver Screen - a lovely glittery silver

Roll out the red carpet - purple/red glitter

Party Train - White glitter

Staying Alive - white with tiny hint of glitter

Hurricane - Bright coral pink with glitter - my favourite shade!

French Quarter - Pale pink glitter

Voodoo - Dark smokey grey (may turn black?)

The Charm - Pages Theater - Dark silver glitter

Dy-No-Mite - white and pink glitter flecks

Mel-Rose - Pretty Rose pink glitter

Jazz Band - Lovely peachy pink with glitter


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