Monday 3 August 2009

Dior Skin Care

I use a number of different products on my face, and im always changing and trying new products! I have normal/combination skin, sometimes i get dry patches on my forehead and cheeks/nose - usually the dry patches are worse in the winter months. I do suffer with blackheads and ive never been able to get rid of them. Does anyone have any suggestions?? My facialist told me to scrub everyday around where i get blackheads but nothing seems to work for me. Generally i dont tend to breakout often - only the odd spot when its that time of the month.

I bought these two Dior Skincare products a while back after using a sample and loving it. When i first purchased i used them both alot and then after a while they got left in my wicker basket and got forgotten about. But I have started using these again for the past 2 weeks and i really like them and forgot how good they are!

After washing my face i firstly apply a small squirt of Dior Hydraction Deep Hydration Radical Serum. It has a really nice scent, smells fresh and slightly perfumed but not overpowering. This serum is gorgeous, it sinks deep into the skin, whereas a mosturiser only sinks into the first layer of skin. The serum sinks in almost instantly and doesnt feel sticky, it plumps up my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooths. I have a few faint lines on my forehead and these disapear using this serum.

Next I apply a small amount of the Dior Hydraction Deep hydration Sorbet Creme. This is a gorgeous rich mositure cream a little goes a long way. It has the same scent as the serum which is fresh and slightly perfumed. The cream works really well over the serum and leaves the skin feeling really smooth and baby soft. I love the packaging of both of these products, however they are heavy so not good for travelling with.
The only downside is these products are pricey, i cant remember how much i paid but i think around £60 for the 2 products...i bought them on a whim! I would however re-purchase them. Whats your favourite facial products?

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