Thursday 6 August 2009

ROC Hydra + Summer Skin

Hi Ladies, today i got a few bargains from a cheapy beauty shop called home bargains! Firsty I picked up this bargain....ROC Hydra Summer Skin. It is a 'natural and progrssive glow moisturiser' - i actually picked up the dark skin version, but i will use it anyway.

This cost £1.99 ive seen ROC products before in Boots and they are usually expensive.
Usually i find with facial gradual tanners are they bring out a nice colour but the mositurising effect isnt good, they usually feel greasy on my skin too. I applied this ROC cream earlier, and i really liked it - it leaves your skin really soft and sunk in straight away - it wasnt greasy. It also smells nicely scented but not too overpowering. The ROC cream is in the same style of packaging of 2 other facial fake tans ive got - st tropez gradual facial tanner and then johnsons holiday summer skin facial cream in the same yellow packaging. I thought the st tropez one was OK but quite expensive, and the summer skin i hated - too greasy! I also spotted a natural sponge for 39p and i got 2 mini cans of dove silk dry deodorant as they were 19p each ! These are perfect as im going away to london for a week so these ill take with me instead of packing a large can. I was also tempted to get a can of this super cheap fake tan for legs for 99p! i put it in the basket and my mum convinced me it would turn me orange so i put it back on the shelf! i may go back and get it tho just to try it you never know might be another winner like the St Moriz! :)


  1. you got some great bargains there!
    ill have to check them out aswell :)

  2. Good day were in Limpopo can we bay this product please and for haw match.


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