Saturday 8 August 2009

Gel It! Advanced UV Gel System by Ezflow

This Gel It! Advanced UV Gel System kit is by Ezflow. It contains everything you need to create wonderful UV Gel nails at home (minus the curing lamp of course!).

I have yet to try this kit out but i have had a good look at the products and they are all excellant quality. I was a little dispointed to find that a couple of the jars had leaked.

The gels have a lovely perfumed smell to them which is alot nicer than the usual plastic smell! I believe these products are great quality and i love the style of the jars - they look pricey looking instead of the usual plastic cheap looking containers. I cant wait to try these products out! It is worth buying good quality products so ensure that your nails look the best and stay strong for longer. I have bought cheap products from China before and they are ok but the gels are cheap and they dont look as good or last long as usual.

This kit contained a Gel Square shaped Brush, 2 Grey Fox files, 3 sets of nail tips, free form edges, a metal spatular, Ezflow Ez Bond, Gel It!, Cleanse It! cleaning solution, Ezflow primer, cover it!, pink it!, clear it!, edge it!, brush on resin, build it, pink it, builder gel.

Has anyone tried these products before? Do you like them?

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