Tuesday 4 August 2009

Help with Sleeping Better

Lately i have been staying up late on a night and not being tired to go to sleep then i get up early for work and im tired for the rest of the day! I think this maybe to do with the amount of tea and coffee i drink through the day so im trying to cut back! It is recommended that you have 8 hours sleep per night, but sometimes im lucky if i manage to get 5! However, when i’m feeling stressed I have a couple of tips to help you sleep better. Firstly try to switch off and relax near to bedtime, have a nice warm bath and put on your pyjamas, slippers and dressing gown to get cosy. I always drink a cup of warm milk before i go to bed (i warm mine in the microwave for 1min 30 secs) and at times it knocks me out! Another thing i like to do is spray a little lavender spray on my pillow, or use lavender oil in my candle burner.
I use the Body Shop Lavender Spray:

I got this pure lavender oil from croatia:

And this lavender room oil from marks & spencers:

Have you any more tips you’d like to share on how to sleep better?

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  1. I always slather on a bit of lavender moisturiser along with Vie at Home's 'Clear Thoughts' night cream! Sends me right off to sleep. (and if that fails then a bit of nytol doesn't hurt occassionally!) :)


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