Saturday 8 August 2009

Nails Inc Nail Polishes Bare and Coral for Instyle Magazine

Last month I purchased 2 instyle magazines purely for the Nails Inc polish....i got the Coral shade and the Nude shade. The dark red shade i have already got - it looked very much like Nails Inc Victoria. I am a fan of Nails Inc polishes but i was very dispointed with these instyle polishes, they didnt seem as good quality, difficult to apply and went streaky. It needed atleast 2-3 coats to make them look OK.

So firstly, Coral - very messy to apply and difficult to work with. It needed 3 coats to look ok as it looked very streaky with 2 coats. Personally, i would keep this colour for the toes! It looks a bit too orange rather than coral i would of prefered more pinky tones. I'm yet to find the perfect coral nail varnish colour this summer!

secondly, bare - this wasnt as bad to apply compared to coral, but it still needed 2 coats. I was a little disapointed in the colour application when applied on my nails as it streaks slightly and the colour is exactly how lovely it looks in the bottle. Its a lovely nude light peachy pink colour. :)


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