Sunday 2 August 2009

MAC Strobe Cream

I LOVE this product! I have to admit i dont use this everyday only as i dont tend to use foundation everyday- only the odd day if my skin is looking like it needs a lift or if im going out or to a special event. Im not the type that HAS to wear makeup every time i leave the house - i also dont like to clog my pores up and like to let my skin breathe. I think if your skin is looking tanned you dont need to use foundation. I like to put my skin serum on, then apply my mosituriser and really let it sink in. Then i use a little of the MAC strobe cream on a makeup sponge or use my fingers to blend into the skin then straight away apply my foundation over the top. The strobe cream also gives the perfect dewy finish :)

Alternatively i like to use the Strobe cream not all over my face but i use as a highlight, it looks fab when you have got a tan. I tend to apply a little below my eyebrows, on my eye lids and a little on my cheek bones. It gives you a real glow lovely for the summer. It retails around £20 for a small tube but it lasts ages however i dont use mine everyday!


  1. Is it just to give you a dewy glow? I've been wondering what this does for ages! Xxx

  2. Yeah it is slightly moisturing too and you can also you it as a base under foundation. hope this helps :) x


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