Monday 3 August 2009

Ped Egg

Since summer is here and the flip flops are back out of my closet - the past couple of weeks ive been preparing my feet. Ive been using The Ped Egg pedicure tool aimed at smoothing away those troublesome calluses and dry skin that you often find on the soles of your feet. The tool is designed to look like an egg, which when you pull the lid off you find a metal attachement. Its clever design means it catches all of the scrubbed off dead skin in the bottom of the egg which is handy.

I must admit when i first saw this is reminded me of a cheese grater! However, it is not as harsh on the skin as it looks and on those really tough, dry areas it works really well to remove the dead skin. It also came with a smoothing disk which is similar to fine grain sand paper - that you rub over your feet after you have used the Ped Egg to leave your feet feeling smooth.

I purchased my Ped Egg from a market stall for £2, but i have since seen Boots selling them for £10.... to be honest the Ped Egg is good but i dont think i would of paid £10 for this tool! The guy told me the reason they were so cheap as they were selling them off because they are bringing out a new version soon.

Have you tried the ped egg, what do you think?

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  1. hi hi!
    i have tried the pedegg and it sucks, it just makes marks in my feet, i'd rather stick to my handy dandy pumice stone! but you got a great deal, i hated mine so much i returned it LOL


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