Monday, 3 August 2009

Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Nail Hardener

Hey ladies, hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine outside today im happy its stopped raining! As you well know i do my own UV Gel nails religiously. I have recently just removed them as a break, and although i take good care of my natural nails, false nail enhancements are damaging to your nails. If any of you were thinking of having nail extensions applied then i would recommend the UV Gel nails over Arylic as they are alot less damaging to your natural nail. I shall post some blogs on nail extensions and tips so watch out for them :) Any questions or requests dont hesistate to ask. I have been using Sally Hensen Teflon Tuff Nail Hardener to attempt to toughen up my natural nails for the past week or so. I think this product is fantastic - my nails are feeling really strong, i have noticed less breaks and splits and they have grown in length! I apply a coat on my dry nails as a base coat before i apply my coloured polish, then i apply a coat as a top protective shield to prevent my colour from chipping. It is working really well. This product is alot cheaper than some other brands on the market and seems to do the job for me :)
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