Tuesday 4 August 2009

Fake Bake Tanning Review

I used to consider Fake Bake one of my best fake tans in my collection for the colour it turned me – a lovely dark brown tan. The colour I go after applying this is really natural looking, no streaks and no orange in sight at all. It left me with a dark deep tan too. You really need to exfoliate and moisturise before applying this tan for a more flawless finish. I find its best to apply at night after you have had a bath or shower and leave it on overnight to develop. I tried the cream lotion version of the product first, it’s a really dark chocolate coloured cream so you can see where you have applied it which is a bonus, but it does make you look dirty and super tanned almost black but after a few hours it calms down! I found it was very very messy to apply! Its very strongly scented and you get that ‘biscuit’ smell in the morning!

I used the purple latex gloves that came with the tan when applying it (they are alot stronger than the usual white gloves i use that can sometimes split). You need to be quick in applying and rubbing the cream in or it tends to stick to the glove and you get patches and an uneven application. I found that because the product was so dark brown and I had white sheets on my bed I used to put an old towel on top of my sheet to try and prevent stains. However I found that even if the product stained my sheets it easily washed out. I love the colour I go using fake bake the only downside to this product apart from its expensive is im really bad for apply fake tan late at night when im tired and this just takes too long to apply and you need to really rub it in well to avoid going streaky.

The Fake Bake Self –Tanning Lotion:

I have also tried in the Fake Bake Collection their body scrub which was excellent and smelt of oranges. However i think with body scrubs even the cheap ones, scrubbing gloves, sand on the beach or DIY scrubs ones are brilliant! I have the Fake Bake Dry Oil Skin Smoothie which is brilliant to apply before the fake bake and i love the colour – however the bottle tends to leak everywhere :( You need to give it a good shake before spraying onto your skin as the oil separates in the bottle.
The Fake Bake Skin Smoothie:

The most recent out of the Fake Bake collection i have tried is the Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Spray – Air Brush. Its suppost to give a flawless tan and doesn’t clog the pores. However i find it really difficult to apply – the spray tends to disperse too much of the product and splatters it on so i have to rub it in afterwards. Perhaps its easier to get someone else to spray it on for you? I have only tried this a couple of times maybe i need to give it another go.

The Fake Bake Airbrush Tan is here:

I have seen there is now a Fake Bake Gold – has anyone tried this?

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