Tuesday 4 August 2009

I Love Sudocrem!

I have had a few spots come up the last few days so tonight i have slapped on some sudocrem and will leave it to work its magic overnight....I shall be spot free in the morning I hope :) For those that dont know sudacrem is nappy rash cream but works wonders on spots! Whats even better is you can buy it absolutely everywhere, boots, superdrug, any supermarket even the corner shop and its only about £2-£3 for a large pot which lasts ages. You only need a tiny amount as its a thick consistency. 

Made primarly for babies its going to be very kind to skin. I love it that much i was thinking of buying a smaller size pot to keep in my bag for emergencies! If you havent already tried it i urge you too! It smells of lavender and I have noticed that lavender is one of the ingredients, so I wonder if lavender based products or lavender facial oil is any good?

Sudocrem is available for less than £3 a pot from Boots.com and Superdrug

Have you tried Sudocrem?



  1. i had like 3 spots last night, applied sudocrem waited 15 minutes and then wiped it off, went to bed and in the morning woke up with no spots! Its amazing! Great post xx

  2. hello, yeah its the best product ive found! its magic! Just goes to show that cheap products can work better than the more expensive brands! thanks for reading xx

  3. wow i will have to try this cream it sounds amazing!! thanks for sharing with me x


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