Thursday 10 September 2009

This is Divina!

When i was in london i was lucky enough to bump into Divina whilst shopping in Libertys department shop. She was lovely and chatted to us!! Later on I was in Harvey Nics (in the makeup dept of course!) when Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls walked past me - I was a huge Spice Girls fan! So i stopped her and tried to speak to her - she was very unfriendly and was with a lady who spoke for her saying they were too busy and in a rush! I asked if we could take a photo together and she said would you mind if we didnt bcoz i dont have any makeup on!! I said you look nice you dont need makeup - her skin was flawless! She then said Oh i will sign something for you if you want, so i said errrrm ok. I couldnt believe she started looking through my handbag trying to find something, pulling out all my stuff lol then saw my london paper so took that out and started reading it! So much for being 'busy' and in a rush ey!! I just stood and watched! She then saw a picture of her and her bf together the night before and was reading the story then signed the picture. Have to say i felt disapointed when i met Geri - she wasnt how i expected her to be.


  1. I ran into Geri Halliwell in a chemist yeeears ago once!! I was suprised at how short she was.

  2. haha yeah she had huge heels on when i saw her - and was still really short!


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