Thursday 15 April 2010

Beauty Haul

On the way home from work tonight i popped into Sallys as they were having a VAT free day. I was only expecting to buy a few basic beauty items...some individual fake lashes and a tanning mitt...and of course i picked up more!

I like to apply fake tan with a tanning mitt to stop the dreaded orange palms and also i find this is the best way to avoid streaks as it blends everything in well and super fast! I have been searching everywhere for a tanning mitt for the past few weeks – and Superdrug  Body Shop, M&S etc... and there seems to be either a shortage or they have stopped stocking them! Instead I have had to make do with latex gloves which im not a big fan of, I also bought a baby sponge which applies the fake tan well, but is a bit tricky. So really pleased to see a tanning mitt in Sallys – however i thought £4 was a bit steep!

I was really impressed with the individual lashes i had applied in Shu Uemura, but i don’t think there is any point spending a lot of money on these as they just last one application. I picked up some cheaper ones that look identical to Shu Uemura by Salon Systems which were around £4 for a pack. I got the bulb free, black short as just want to apply about 5-6 on each outer corner of the eye to thicken and lengthen.
I also was tempted to pick up some OPI polishes that were reduced but i think my nail polish collection is getting out of hand! I couldn’t resist picking up Ruby Pumps by China Glaze from the new Alice in Wonderland Collection. It is a gorgeous Ruby Red colour with lots of sparkle and reminds me of childhood.

I also noticed there was alot of products reduced; and to my amazement the Jessica Simpson Hairdo range was heavily marked down. I picked up the 22 Inch clip in straight extensions in the colour honey ginger (which matched perfectly to my hair colour), reduced from £59.99 to £17. It comes already styled and in a hairnet to keep it in place, the clips are sewn into the hair along with 2 sectioning clips.

The hair does look a little ‘barbie doll’ due to being shiny – i believe this is synthetic hair not real. I still love the look and takes 10 seconds to clip in – there’s no need in styling your own hair to blend in the with the hairdo like normal hair extensions take to look natural. I also picked up a Loreal crystal gloss spray reduced from £8.99 to £1.91 – I really don’t believe this size can is worth £9!! I think this spray will be good to use with the Jessica Simpson hairdo. I’m really excited to try these products out!


  1. Hey!! good haul! p.s Ruby Pumps is from the Wizard of OHH AHH Oz collection, hehe fairy tales mixed!x

  2. any ideas how to get fake tan out of a carpet thats now ruined?

  3. I use a L'oreal Tecni-Art product on my hair and it's really good.

    It's not the same product you have there but I'd love to see how you got on with it.



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