Saturday 24 April 2010

Aussie Miracle Moist Tribe

Im pleased to announce that im part of the Aussie Miracle Moist Tribe (for those with dry hair). I got a surprise this morning when a parcel arrived at my was my Aussie Miracle Moist Tribe Pack !

Inside the cosmetic bag was everything I need to survive until my Tribe Party:

- Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo & Conditioner- To banish dryness;
- Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning Treatment;
- Aussie Compact mirror - For checking out my Yummy Hair;
- Chocolate - What girl can survive without chocolate?! (Mine has already been eaten!)
- A mini brush - To keep those locks in check (perfect as mine snapped last week!)

and Miracle Mosit Tribe Badges! (And one for my blog displayed to the right)

I cant wait for the Tribe Party in June! Which Aussie tribe are you? 


  1. Lucky you!!! :)

    I wish i was part of these tribes, they sound fab!!

    Lisa xx

  2. omg, how fab is the package! i am part of the luscious long tribe. it was hard for me to choose between miracle moist and luscious long.
    liloo/tsunimee xx

  3. I'm in the long haired tribe. Great post! xx

  4. I am a part of this tribe too hun :D aint the stuff just so cute?

  5. cool, are you going to the event in birmingham? x


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