Thursday 15 April 2010

Illamasqua Body Electrics Collection

Yesterday was my first day back at work after a week off and a long weekend in Sunny Spain, so it was a lovely surprise to arrive home to a parcel from Illamasqua! I had been invited to an event to launch Illasamquas new Spring/summer 2010 ‘Body Electrics’ Collection but unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to the proposed train strikes which then didn’t happen – typical! I was disappointed that the event had been cancelled as I had been looking forward to it, but this gift cheered me up from the holiday blues!

It was so kind of Alex to send out a couple of samples from the range. The parcel was nicely gift wrapped and inside the cute box I received 2 items from the new collection along with art work and a postcard from Alex. First of all a nail polish in the shade ‘Force’ - a lovely cobalt blue shade which I am excited to try out as I haven’t tried out any of their polishes before because I don’t live locally to one of their counters. This wouldn’t be a shade I would normally pick out so it is nice to be sent something different and so striking. The other product I was sent was the liquid metal in ‘Surge’ which I was very pleased to receive as I tried to get the liquid gold metal from the Sirens collection last year but it had been extremely popular and sold out quickly :(

The liquid metal would look amazing used as a highlighter on top of the cheekbones, top lip to emphasise lips, on the eye lids or even on the collarbone. I really like the look of the body oils for summer as would look great with a tan!

Another item I am disappointed that I didn’t get chance to buy last year was the limited edition Birthday Lashes…fingers crossed they will bring these out again this year over the festive season!

I have purchased Illamasqua false lashes several times as they are such good quality and worth spending a little bit more. They look natural but feel thicker and the band is strong yet flexible compared than some of the cheaper flimsy ones that mis-shape after one wear. If you look after the lashes they can last much longer than other high end brands such as MAC. My only negative point is the Illamasqua lashes come in a cardboard box, I much prefer the plastic slide containers to store the lashes in from MAC.

** Body Electrics is inspired by the power of kinetic energy, the art of movement, the fluidity of the body in motion. The collection is an anthology of creams, powders and dry body oils infused with light, shimmer and shine, designed to highlight and contour your whole body. Containing hyper-pigmented light-reflecting particles that ignite the skin with intense colours and finishes, each product in the range has been created to accentuate the body's every twist and turn to exquisite perfection, ensuring you exude a confidence that's more than skin deep... **

You can see the rest of the beautiful SS10 Body Electrics collection at

I am going shopping tomorrow where there is an illamasqua counter, so what would What are your recommendations ? Have you tried any items from Illamasqua ?

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