Monday 20 December 2010

Montagne Jeunesse: The Twelve 'Masques' of Christmas

Forget partidges in pear trees andlords-a-leaping, Montagne Jeunesse presents...the 12 masks of Christmas!

These Montagne Jeunesse face masks are the perfect stocking fillers priced at just 99p each, they are the ultimate, girly, natural pampering treat. With oer 50 in the range, all bursting with delicious and natural ingredients, there's sure to be a perfect masque for everyone.

On the first day of Christmas
My sister gave to me
A Scrumptious Strawberry Souffle masque

On the Second day of Christmas
My Lover gave to me
Two exfoliating Apricot Scrubs

 On the Third day of Christmas
My Granny gave to me
Three yummy White Chocolate masques

On the Fourth day of Christmas
My Auntie gave to me
Four sparkly Party Shimmers

On the Fifth day of Christmas
My boyfriend gave to me
Five Chocolate masques
 On the Sixth day of Christmas
My Nephew gave to me
Six Natural Blemish Mud masques
On the Seventh day of Christmas
My Best Friend gave to me
Seven Softening Cherry Tonic masques
On the Eighth day of Christmas
My Cousin gave to me
Eighth Anti-stress Dead Sea Mud Pacs

On the Ninth day of Christmas
My Sister-in-law gave to me
Nine seductive Passion Peel off masques

On the Tenth day of Christmas
My Neighbour gave to me
Ten moisturising Fruit Smoothie masques

On the Eleventh day of Christmas
My Mother gave to me
Eleven Cucumber Peel off masques

On the Twelfth day of Christmas My Brother gave to me
Twelve Green Tea Peel Off Masques for detoxing

.....Eleven Cucumber Peel offs,
Ten Fruit Smoothies,
Nine Passion Peel offs,
Eight Dead Sea Mud Pacs,
Seven Cherry Tonics,
Six Blemish Muds,
Five Chocolate Masques,
Four White Chocolate Masques,
Three Party Shimmers,
Two Apricot Scrubs,
And a moisturising Strawberry Souffle Masque!

What is your favourite Montagne Jeunesse mask?


  1. I love the sauna red hot mask, I love hot it heats up.

    Aryn from

  2. Passion Peel Off


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