Monday 6 December 2010

The Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World!

Models Own presents the most expensive Nail Polish in the World - Gold Rush:

When painted on it looks like gold leaf – it glistens, glimmers and actually sparkles like tiny diamonds (yet is absolutely smooth to the touch).This exclusive bottle, currently available to view and order from Frost of London, has an exquisite lid which has been carefully hand-crafted from yellow gold and has a total of 1,118 diamonds inlaid. It costs a whopping £83,000 – an ideal gift for the woman who has everything!

However, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far – fear not! Models Own are also releasing a ready to wear version (£5). Gold Rush couture is available to view and order from today at Frost of London (108 New Bond Street, London, W1). Gold Rush ready to wear will be available at from mid December and at Boots from 23rd February 2011.


  1. wow haha, i want it!!

    A lots of money for diamonds your not even gonna wear tho haha

  2. oh my goodness...
    that is crazy..who would buy that!!!lol

  3. Hahah, that's what I'm wondering: who on earth would buy that?!

  4. Lol most ridiculous thing I've ever seen! Horrible colour anyway - wouldn't buy it if it was £3!

  5. Still disgusted about this to be honest, but I may check out the cheapo version :D.


  6. This is insane.
    £83k? You should buy a house, or 2 new cars (maybe even 3 or 4).

    It's disgusting how people are so rich that they can just throw away their money! How many mouths would that feed in a warzone? How many children would it send to school who can't afford to go?
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