Friday 3 December 2010

Peacocks Launches new 'Evie Glam' Cosmetics

Peacocks, the value fashion retailer has launched its first official range of cosmetics named ‘Evie Glam’. The launch aims to strengthen Peacocks’ aim to be the number one stop shop on the high street for the latest trends in both fashion and beauty.

‘Evie Glam’ will launch in 250 Peacocks’ stores and online this week and will be regularly updated to reflect seasonal beauty trends, and priced from £2.00 for a plumping lip gloss tube, £2.50 for a glitter nail varnish, and £4.00 for an eye palette gift set. Products in the range include light up lip glosses and every day make-up bag essentials as well as step by step guides to creating this season’s latest beauty looks.


  1. ohh my gosh, that black glittery nail varnish looks hot! x

  2. Good prices. Got to try these.

  3. will defo be looking at these next time im peacocks :)

  4. mm interesting, might have to pop in and see what they are like!!

  5. the black nail varnish look likes a dupe for my Dior Black Sequins - def going to visit the UK to check these out :-)

  6. the gold glitter nail polish is amazing, i painted it over a turquoise solid colour, but the gold sparkles covered it so well in just one coat that you can't really see the colour below!! does take a while to dry though...


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