Tuesday 7 December 2010

Sleek Molten Metal

Although I see lots of good reviews about Sleek makeup, I have to date not tried any of their range. Sleek is introducing Molten Metal, a new cream eye shadow available in a set with two colours - Pewter and Gold and this caught my eye. The cream can be used on the cheek bones, the lips and also as a highlighter. Molten Metal reminds me very much of Illamasqua's cream metalic eye shadows which are gorgeous but are not long-lasting unfortunately, so I would be interested to see if Sleek's version would be as pigmented, long-lasting and crease-free as it promises.
Molten Metal, priced at £6.99 and launches on 5 January 2011 in Superdrug stores nationwide as well as on Boots.com and Superdrug

Are you a Sleek fan?


  1. definately reminded me of illamasqua liquid metals too, although i've never tried them, not only because of their price but also they never really appealed to me :\
    i love my sleek blush in pixie pink! surprisingly i haven't tried out any of the eyeshadow palettes yet though


  2. it looks good! i hope it's long lasting. maybe then i'd order from ebay :)

  3. Ohh they look really interesting, may check thease out! x

  4. It is sad that it is only launching after the holidays, as IM sure it would have been a nice Christmas/New Years staple!

    I have a few Sleek products, and I love them!
    Would be interrested in trying this one!


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