Tuesday 7 December 2010

Sponsored Posts & Giveaways

I was recently given the opportunity to do a sponsored post on my blog. I was a little reluctant of doing so at first but after asking for opinions on Twitter and researching the company, I found no one thought this to be a problem as long as I clearly stated it was a sponsored post. I decided it was a good way of being rewarded so I’m able to host more giveaways to my readers, so everyone’s a winner!

I had quite a few questions about how the sponsored posts came about, and how it works that I decided to be open and honest and it was ideal when I was given the opportunity to write this post to explain better.

www.ebuzzing.co.uk is a free and easy to use service that allows you to display videos and publish articles on your blog or website about brands and campaigns that interest you or your readers may like to hear about whilst earning a little extra cash. Your able to select which articles or brands you write about from which you are assigned to. They pride themselves on their strict code of ethics which ensures all posts are clearly marked as sponsored and written in the blogger's own words. Advertising content is never bland or boring through ebuzzing, as they only present you with only the best campaigns, a few bullet points, links and images; then leave the creativityand presentation to you.

Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

Personally I would love to see more beauty and fashion brands getting involved with ebuzzing, especially ASOS, Boots, QVC the list is endless! It would be handy to know when stores have special offers or sales happening, as so many times I have missed out the opportunity of a special offer or sale item as I have found out about the deal too late. I know a lot of people love the Boots 3 for 2 Christmas offers and the OVC Weekend Special deals!

From time to time I get offered the chance to host giveaways sponsored by brands, but the rest are prizes I have bought myself and paid for postage myself (which if posting abroad can be costly). I think it gets onto dodgy grounds and becomes misleading and controversial when bloggers are paid to promote a certain product, and as they are being compensated it becomes difficult to believe what they are saying, as its obvious that they would be obliged to write a positive review, given they are being compensated for. 

I have never been paid for reviewing products, and although at times I get sent free products to test, I’m always completely honest in my review and I’m under no obligation to give a positive review. If I think something is pants then I will tell you! I believe informing my readers about offers that are relevant to them through sponsored posts now and then is perfectly acceptable given I shall be giving back to my readers the rewards in the form of giveaways. I will of course make it completely clear that it is a sponsored post. The money gained from the sponsored posts will be given back to readers and I shall be using the money for giveaways. Obviously I don’t want to see my blog over-run with sponsored posts as that would become boring but I don’t see the harm in the odd one, especially if they are relevant to my readers.

 You can register for ebuzzing here:

How do you feel about sponsored posts? Would you prefer none and therefore fewer giveaways? Or are you happy with the odd few sponsored posts which mean more giveaways and chances to win cool prizes? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments
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  1. i signed up earlier and i was like you - a bit sceptical about the credibility of it...lol

    i think it's alright though!

  2. I am a litle bit sceptical about the credibility of it.


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