Thursday 3 November 2011

Men's Grooming: Fake Lashes for Guys!

Alex Reid after raiding Jordans makeup bag!
So we have had Guyliner and Manscara crazes, and now Eylure has launched Guy Lashes - false eyelashes for men! The new Natural Lashes for men features an invisible strip which sticks to your eyelids and comes in 'Fine' or 'Thick' natural lashes priced at £5.45. Has men's grooming gone a step too far? Girls - maybe we need to start hiding our make up bags!

What's your thoughts on men wearing false lashes? yey or nay?


  1. Oh.Em.Geee.

    Not really sure what to say about this! Don't think I can see my hubby sporting these any time soon. LOL xo

  2. I think that mens grooming has just gone way over the top. alex reid looks silly.


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