Sunday 13 November 2011

Myleene Klass Launches Nail Wrap Collection

Classical musician, TV and radio presenter Myleene Klass is launching her first nail wrap collection this month. Priced at £5.99 each, the range comprises 16 designs and includes three shades of classic reds, a sparkly selection in a variety of colours and a patterned collection including leopard and zebra print, floral, hearts and polka dots. Available online now, Myleene Klass Nails will be available from ASDA, Boots and Wilkinson from 14 November 2011.


  1. how do they come off and how many sets are in one pack? :S

  2. I tried them and thought they were a waste of money (especially since they aren't exactly cheap). First I was disappointed to find out that they are not that easy to put on. The nail file provided didn't work for me so I had to use nail scissors to get rid of the excess which was an awkward job to do. Putting them on took me as long as painting my nails usually does, so they're really not as easy to use as they would like you to believe. But the biggest disappointment came after only a few hours, when I washed my hands for the first time and they came off instantly. They looked quite nice but I'll stick to nail varnish, as I can't afford to pay 6 pounds for a manicure that only lasts an afternoon...

  3. I found them easy to apply, but that they faded within hours, not evenly but quite patchily. Would rather spend double the amount and go to a salon and have them painted professionally, knowing that the look would last.

  4. Fabulous product. They did take a while to put on but this would speed up with practice. Nail varnish never lasts on me for more than 24 hours without chipping. These have been on for 4 days (surviving moderate housework) and are still going strong with no chips or peeling.

  5. As a huge follower of nail art, i was so excited when i seen this product advertised. I got my first set as a gift for chirstmas and insistently fell in love with them, they went on very quick and easy and lasted for just over a week with no chipping fading or peeling. Although when i did finally take them off, my natural nails needed a little tlc as the glue was so strong it took a little bit of nail off.
    All in all i think this is a fantastic product and i have already bought 5 sets and plan to buy alot more in the future. More designs would be nice though.


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