Friday 4 November 2011

CLINIQUE Unveils a New Consumer-Inspired Concept in Shopping

One of my pet peeves when shopping is when you just want to browse the aisles in peace but are getting pestered by a shop assistant giving you the hard sales pitch! Then other times when you do actually want to speak to a shop assistant and they are nowhere to be seen or even worse completely ignore you as they are too busy gossiping with another shop assistant! 

Clinique have been studying the way people like to shop and have come up with a solution to create a new shopping experience, based on shopper's individual needs and moodsWith the customer in mind Clinique have created three wrist bands to signifies to the consultant how you like to shop:

  • Green – I have time, Let’s talk. A  one-on-one consultation is perfect for the consumer who has time and wants expert skin care analysis and application tips.
  • White – Time is of the essence. The state-of-the-art skin diagnostic tool allows consumers to browse alone and offers one-on-one service on demand.
  • Pink – Browsing and happy. The play and pay concept offers vibrant features, such as the Colour Bar and interactive Mascara and Lip Bars, in a welcoming, easy-to-use layout making it convenient for consumers to test, pick-up and play with their favourite products.
Clinique Service As You Like It complimentary wrist bands are on counter from Selfridges Oxford Street, House of Fraser Meadowhall, House of Fraser Glasgow, Debenhams Leeds and Fenwick Newcastle.
What type of shopper are you?

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