Friday 4 November 2011

Xen Tan Review at Saks Beauty

Last week I was selected to be a Xen Tan Ambassador for Saks Beauty. Xen Tan has just recently launched at Saks nationwide and I was kindly invited to try out the tan for myself in my local salon. I have previously tried Xen Tan myself at home (read my review of Deep Bronze here) and I didn't get on with it too well, I am not sure if the tan I was sent had gone off as it seemed a strange greeny/brown colour and the mitt to apply the lotion with made the tan flake off and go streaky.
Before the Xen Tan was applied
I was expecting to be 'spray tanned' when I arrived to the salon but, my therapist Debbie (who I have been to for years) explained that it would be applied by hand using a mitt as the liquid form of the tan is drying on the skin and the lotion has more moisturiser added to the formula. I would recommend wearing dark loose clothing and flip flops when going for a tanning treatment. Normally the treatment would start off with exfoliating the skin, but as I had previously exfoliated for quickness and ease this was not necessary. 
After Xen Tan was applied (colour guide)
Debbie used the Xen Tan Dark Lotion and applied with the Xen Tanning Mitt....Uh oh that dreaded Mitt again!! To my surprise, the mitt applied the tan perfectly and the colour of the lotion was a lovely golden brown and with the colour guide it was easy to see where the tan had been applied. The treatment took around an hour and the tan dried quickly, had a lovely almond scent, wasn't sticky at all and it left my skin soft and a nice 'sun kissed' golden brown shade. 
The final result
I left the tan on overnight and it did have a slight 'biscuit' smell but wasn't too overpowering like some - do bear in mind that the colour guide did transfer onto my white sheets, but this washed out easily enough. The next morning I washed off the guide colour and I was left with a natural healthy looking tan - and a week later it has lasted well, I still look bronzed with no patches in sight. I would definitely recommend having Xen Tan professionally applied, and I will have another go at home as I have heard so many raving reviews about the Dark Lotion. 

The Xen Tan Full Body Tanning Treatment costs £36 at Saks Beauty but it is currently on offer for half price* £18 until 31st December 2011 (*Guisborough, Bow Street Salon only). To make an appointment you can call Debbie on 01287 630055 or email her

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  1. I really need to get some colour. I went on a sunbed today, but I want some tan fast! :)


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