Tuesday 1 May 2012

Guest Post: Peek inside Laura's Dream Makeup Bag

Guest Post today from Laura Tinker who is going to share what is inside her dream makeup bag: 

I love make up. It’s no secret that I could spend hours in the beauty department testing all
the different shades of lip gloss on the back of my hand and squirting fragrance until I smell like an unholy disaster. But despite me coveting everything available, even I can see the gems that sparkle above the rest. Clockwise from the top: 

LancĂ´me Shimmer Block. Featuring a picture that depicts Paris in the 40’s, this shimmery blush is perfect for my summer handbag to give me a radiant glow.

Harrods Make-Up Bag. A fantastic place to store all the makeup you have been eying up.
Harrods itsy bitsy polka dot wonder!!

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow - Exclusive to Harrods, the Gelee Powder eye shadow in Cyber Lilac is a must have for my makeup bag. You can create a day or night look with the selection of shades, and the colour shines like the stars, leaving you looking fabulous!

Bobbi Brown Balm - Adds glow to your cheeks but also protects – this magic balm is
designed to add hydration and sooth your skin. Result!

Burberry Powder Brush - The Burberry brush will give you a fantastic application, leaving
you looking like you are makeup free and natural. Brushes have a great design to ensure
that you don’t have excess makeup on.

What would be in your Dream Makeup Bag?

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