Thursday 10 May 2012

How to: Remove CND Shellac Gel Nails At Home

I have been requested many time to write a post on how to remove Shellac Nails at home so thought as I have just removed mine today I would explain the simple removal process for you do to at home! I will say however tempting it is don't pick or peel off the gel don't do it as this will damage your natural nails underneath. If you remove the gel properly yourself (or professionally) then there will be no damage to your natural nails. This step will also work for other Gel Polish brands and also makes removing Glitter Nail Polish far easier!

What you will need:
Acetone or Gel Remover, 
Nail File,
Towel (to protect your surface), 
Cotton Wool Pads, 
Aluminium Tin Foil,
Wooden Orange Stick (Hoof Stick), 
Nail Buffer,
Cuticle Oil,

Moisturising Hand Cream, Nail Treatment

Step One:
Firstly gather all your tools in front of you and lightly buff over the nails using your nail file to break the top coat seal.  

Step Two:
Saturate a cotton wood pad with acetone and place over your nail, wrap a square of tin foil around the nail to secure. Repeat for both hands and leave to work for 10-15 minutes. If it is easier you can do one hand at a time so you can still function with the other!

Step Three:
After 15 minutes pull off each foil wrap and you will notice that the gel will have  lifted and become loose, and you can use the Orange Stick to gently push off any remaining gel.  

Step Four:
Buff your Nails using the Buffer to smooth any ridges and add a shine and massage in some cuticle oil. If your nails are weak or flaky you can apply a nail treatment and apply some moisturising hand cream if you wish. 

Let me know what you think if you try this at home. How do you normally remove your Gel Nails?


  1. That looks like hard work! I've only had Shellac done once but pretty badly and I wasn't at all impressed. I had it done before my holiday and they literally all peeled off on my first day on the beach - at least it meant I didn't have to worry about how to get it off!

  2. That is so clever! how you have though of that all by yourself. I tried it and it is so professional and free of charge i had so many people commenting on it.
    Thank you so much x

  3. Just so that you know, when I have had gel nails/shellac etc, I have been warned that there is an ingredient in sun tan lotion that will cause these nails to lift off. It's a shame you weren't warned, as you can avoid it by washing your hands immediately, and avoid getting the lotion around the nail itself, although it's a bit fiddly.

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