Wednesday 2 May 2012

Review: The Wonder Room London Shawls

You may have read my recent blog post on my fabulous Eyelash Extensions by Asma Docrat? Well Asma kindly introduced me to her cousin, Sabah, who has set up Wonder Room London: an online 'Aladdin's Cave' selling a collection of glamorous Shawls. Sabah had been a lawyer for 8 years and decided to leave her field and follow her dreams of working in the fashion industry! She found a niche market in that these shawls are not only practical but still glamorous. I LOVE hearing about when people have a complete career change, follow their dreams and set up their own business I find it very inspiring :) 

This morning I had a nice surprise when the postman arrived with two identical large boxes - I had no idea what was inside! I was thinking has my naughty niece been accidentally buying things from my phone again like when a second-hand pregnancy book turned up the other week?! I'm still baffled by that one haha! Sabah had asked me whether I would like to review a shawl and what my favourite colour was - and after much umming and arring I decided on the Bright Fushia Pink. To my surprise, Sabah very generously sent three shawls: Fushia Pink, Black Doubled Sided & a Wine coloured sequin detailed one. They all came wrapped in tissue paper and boxed with ribbon. 

The Wonder Room shawls are generous in size (27 inches in width by 70 inches in length) good quality, thick and heavy and can be even worn doubled over for extra warmth. The fabric is a blend of wool, silk and viscose and it's recommended to carefully hand wash the shawls due to the delicate hand-stitched beading. The shawls have tassels, ethic beads, mirrors and sequin detailing around the edges which adds glamour! I am actually quite obsessed with scarves and I've lost count the amount of scarves and pashminas I own! They are a great and fairly cheap accessory for dressing up an simple outfit. There's also many different ways to wear the shawls - either wrapped around your shoulders as a wrap/shawl, wrapped around your neck as a scarf, looped over like I have in the photograph or even as a top with a belt!

The shawls are ideal for travelling - don't know about you but I always get cold on a flight and these are so cosy to wrap around in and it's also handy to wrap around your shoulders on an evening as when your away on holiday it can get chilly on an night! They are also versatile for wearing everyday to dress up a simple outfit or wear on a special occasion. I particularly love the chic 'beige with black work' shawl for a wedding if you were wearing a cream or black outfit. 

Sabah will be adding to her collection of shawls with jewellery and tunics so look out for those on the website Wonder Room London and show her some love on Twitter @wonderroomldn Are you a fan of scarves to brighten up a simple outfit?

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  1. OMG, I love these, i do have a bit of the green eyed monster right now, they are fabulous, Sabah is a very talented lady xx


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