Thursday 7 June 2012

June 2012 LUX BOX

LuxBox is a new luxury beauty and grooming box for both men and women. I was kindly sent this month's LuxBox to sample as it was launched last month. LuxBox search for the best products from classic, niche and upcoming brands to bring you the latest trends and finest products on the market. For £10 a month plus £2.95 postage and packaging you will receive 5 luxury beauty miniatures direct to your door to try for yourself at home and you have the freedom to cancel the subscription at any time. 

LUX BOX have some serious competition with the Beauty Boxes already on the market: GLOSSYBOX and She Said BeautyGLOSSYBOX is well-established in the market and is the most popular at the moment in the UK meaning it can bring you exciting Limited Edition boxes, full sized products, competitions and parties. Although She Said Beauty has only been around for 4 months it has been hugely popular and has some exciting plans to be revealed in the Summer ;) I haven't yet tried Jolie Box,  although I tried the last Boudoir Prive box before they merged and wasn't very wowed. 

So onto the new LUX BOX.... first of all I adore the packaging and it has to be my favourite packaging of all the Beauty Boxes on the market. The box comes delivered inside a plain brown cardboard box which makes it discrete and less likely to catch the eye of your postman if he/she has sticky fingers! The box is a chic looking dusty pink/grey box which is a nice size and can be re-used as a sturdy storage box and inside black tissue and shredded paper. What's in this month's box?

Di Palomo Hand & Nail Cream (worth £2.52)
This hand cream contains the finest ingredients including Olive and Grape Seed Oils to leave your hands soft, smooth & nourished. The luxurious, non-greasy forumla is complimented by the mouth-watering fragrances inspired by memories of Italy. This is a nice hand cream however I think many people are getting a little bored of hand creams in Beauty Boxes now - I know I have a stack load still to get through!

Papier Poudre Rachel Booklet (worth £1.26)
Papier Poudre was founded in 1903 and the natural ingredients of Papier Poudre have special absorbent blotting qualities which lift oil, dirt and shine, leaving a delicate trace of power. I recieved a full size booklet with 20 sheets. I haven't used blotting sheets before as I don't have oily skin however and these will be nice to pop in my hand bag to use either on holiday or on the tube in London in hot weather.

Sensationelle Flicktips (worth £8.99)
I LOVE these and another full size item! They are stick on eyeliner extensions that instantly transform your eye shape and give you sexy eyes in seconds. Many women struggle with applying liquid liner particularly cat/wing flicks so I'm sure these will prove to be very popular! These are a fantastic quick fix alternative that solves that problem in an instant and are re use able. 

The Rosebud Perfume Co. Mocha Rose Tube (worth £4.50)
This is a full size strongly scented Vanilla Lip Balm which is quite overpowering and sickly! This emollient lip balm is packed full of Shea butter, vitamin E and a trade secret blend of botanicals and essential oils.

Murad AHA/BHS Exfoliating Cleanser (worth £4.65)
I have tried a few Murad products now and have been impressed with how well they work. This is their best-selling AHA/BHS Exfoliating Cleanser with jojoba beads to polish away dullness and deep-down impurities, whilst the trio of Salicylic, Latic and Glycolic Acids reveal radiance and youthful skin by gently dissolving dead skin cells.I can't wait to give this a go!

What do you think to LUX BOX? Have you signed up to any Beauty Boxes subscription services? 


  1. It's very hard to resist the temptation to sign up to all the boxes, I'm going to carry on sticking to just Joliebox for now. This box looks nice but not really wowed by it. I think the novelty of beauty boxes may be wearing off for me! xx

  2. Oooo exciting!!

  3. Definately love the packaging on this! i will be looking in to this. I love your blog.


  4. the flick tips look really interesting!

  5. Really interested in those 'flick tips' - they look like a fab idea!

    I struggle to resist beauty boxes and this one looks like it could be great!

  6. Those guys really seem to be having a good ole time man. Wow.


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