Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bupa helps you to Find Healthy

Bupa know that it's important to look after yourself, so they've created a number of online tools and apps to help you check your own health and wellbeing and find healthy! With Bupa apps and free tools, you get the convenience of checking aspects of your own health through a range of interactive applications, safe in the knowledge that the information is from a trusted leader. The extensive selection of services covers many aspects of life, giving you advice for exercise programmes and providing fitness regimes that help to improve fitness levels - and, as a result, your health.

When landing on their home page, you are met with a colourful selection of Bupa content tools ranging from a Health Age Calculatorto a Physical Activity Quizand a tool focused on sensible drinking! You can assess your own health, enabling you to reduce a risk of illness, and find out more about a variety of common conditions and issues like stress, sleep problems, and giving up smoking. The Bupa online tools gives users a wealth of information and advice  "A-Z Health Info Directory" tool, helping users to navigate the whole scope of their health information.

Thanks to Bupa, embarrassing health questions that we often keep to ourselves can be answered from the comfort of our own homes - and for free! You can test the Bupa find healthy apps yourself by visiting www.bupa.co.uk/findhealthy and check out Bupa’s new online resources.
What do you think of Bupa's new apps?
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