Friday 10 April 2015

Andrew Barton Brushes

Left to Right: Miracle Shine; Miracle Volume; Miracle Revitalise; Miracle Protect; Miracle Secure; Miracle Curls
Andrew Barton has launching a limited edition brush collection in ASDA that are all under £10 so great for anyone on a budget. Andrew says: 'You have to take care of the essentials to get the best out of your hair and using the wrong brush can really damage your precious locks! With this in mind I have created this new, limited edition MIRACLE range of brushes. These high quality, technology filled lovelies will transform your beauty routine, each targeting the most common hair issues women have!'
Andrew Barton Miracle Shine (£8)
The 'Miracle Shine' cushion brush is infused with pure Argan Oil, enabling a light and even distribution of treatment throughout your hair for a long lasting mirror shine. Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E and omega fatty acids to revitalise and repair the hair follicles, improving strength and elasticity. This brush is perfect for mid to long hair. 
Andrew Barton Miracle Volume (£9)
The 'Miracle Volume' Ceramic Barrel Brush is packed with technology to give you voluminous hair fast! The Ceramic barrel evenly distributes the heat to minimise hot spots and prevent damage. The large barrel injects volume from root to tip while the vente holes allow warm air to circulate for fast, effective blow drying. This brush is perfect for mid to long hair. 
Andrew Barton Miracle Revitalise Brush (£7)
The 'Miracle Revitalise' brush is packed with technology to give you smooth, frizz free, luscious locks in no time! The bristles contain crushed semiprecious Tourmaline gem stones that prevent static build up, lock in moisture and combat frizz as they glide through your hair. This brush is perfect for all hair types and lengths. 
Andrew Barton Miracle Protect (£6.50)
The 'Miracle Protect' Flexi Vent Brush has been designed to be extra responsive and bendy for a gentle brushing experience. The super flexible head gently massages the scalp, reducing pressure and protecting sensitive skin. The massage action of the pins increases blood flow to the hair root, encouraging hair growth too! This brush is perfect for all hair types and lengths. 
Andrew Barton Miracle Secure (£3.50)
The sectioning clips incorporate technology to hold your hair securely whilst styling. These uniquely shaped clips have been designed to comfortably lock your hair in place so you can securely section off hair when creating your perfect look! 
Andrew Barton Miracle Curls (£9)
The 'Miracle Curls' brush is perfect for defining naturally curly or wavy hair, smoothing away frizz and adding volume as you dry. The ball-shaped head means you can style in any direction for all round 360 degree control, adding lift to your roots for bouncy hair. This is one of my favourite brushes from the collection as it creates amazing volume, doesn't get tangled up and is quite unique in it's design. 

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