Wednesday 1 April 2015

For everyday wear, a striped tie is a winner

Wearing a tie usually goes hand in hand with wearing a suit, and with attending formal occasions, such as a wedding or going to work. Striped ties, in particular, are often considered the most formal style of tie, thanks to their traditional association with school uniforms.

Yet nothing stands still in the world of fashion, and the humble tie proves to be no exception. The outdated image of the striped tie as an exclusive item for formal wear has been ripped to shreds. Now, increasing numbers of fashion-conscious males are embracing the striped tie for everyday wear, and successfully proving just how stylish it can look with dressed-down attire.

Striped ties are turning into everyday fashion items because they are incredibly versatile. Wearing stripes, of any sort, can baffle many people, but the rules to follow are actually very simple. Stick to the basics, and you can team a striped tie with pretty much any item in your wardrobe.

Striped ties can be worn with a checked or patterned shirt - just ensure the detail sizes don't clash. Opt for smaller or chunkier patterns on your top, compared to the stripes on your tie.

Choose shirt and tie colour combinations that complement each other. Neutral-coloured tops, such as black, white or grey, are easier to combine with striped ties, but don't be afraid to experiment with other colours to see what works.

The wide choice of striped ties available these days, in a range of colours and sizes, lends them a much more informal look. Increasingly daring colour combinations are making their way onto the striped tie, such as baby pinks, hot pinks, orange and royal blue - the striped tie is definitely breaking out of its mould of formality.

When combined with a casual shirt and a pair of jeans, a striped tie can look stylish for any occasion, whether you're catching up with friends for lunch, doing a spot of shopping, heading to the cinema or going out for a meal. In summer, a smart pair of shorts and plimsolls will look the business when teamed with a funky-coloured striped tie and casual shirt.


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