Friday 12 June 2015

ZEEK App Review - buy gift vouchers below face value & get £5 FREE!

ZEEK is a new app for smart shopping that helps you to both sell on unwanted gift vouchers for cash and save money by buying vouchers for below face value. The ZEEK App is available to download here for free on both iOS and Android. 

Selling your unwanted gift vouchers

We all have unused gift vouchers around the house that we may have forgotten about or it could be that you would rather have the cash. Selling on ZEEK is really simple - download the App and list your gift voucher for sale. You will need to provide a photograph of the voucher and enter details such as the face value and expiry date. You then decide how much of a discount you want to offer - the bigger the discount, the faster your voucher will sell! It's worth bearing in mind that Zeek charge a £3 processing fee for selling your voucher, but before you submit your voucher for sale you will see exactly how much money you will be walking away with. As soon as your voucher has sold, you will need to send this to the Zeek team and they post on to the buyer. 

Buying vouchers for less than face value

I discovered the App today and found it simple, safe and extremely quick to use. I purchased two vouchers from TKMAX with a total face value of £58 for £50 (minus £2 admin fee) so I gained £6. Whilst the savings aren't huge, you can easily save anything from 4% by purchasing your vouchers from Zeek. It seems that you can get a better deal when you purchase a higher the value of voucher. There are lots of high street vouchers to choose from on the App such as IKEA, Boots, Apple, Zara, Amazon, Topshop, Sainsbury's, Cineworld and even Starbucks! If it is a shop you shop regularly at then its worth buying vouchers. 

Simply choose your voucher or store and find the face value and deal that suits you. You can use your free £5 code (2zxuac) to receive £5 off your first order. Electronic vouchers are delivered immediately and physical vouchers are posted out to you within 7 business days. 

FREE £5 Code

If you are interested in trying out ZEEK, I have a free £5 code towards your first purchase once you have downloaded the app, enter code '2zxuac' to get £5 added to your account for free! This voucher can be used against any voucher, but Zeek charge a £1 admin fee, so it is better to go for something with a higher face value to get a better deal. What do you think to the ZEEK App?

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