Sunday, 25 March 2018

Establishing Boundaries to have a Healthy Relationship

I have felt a little bored with blogging the past few years, it has changed so much and its become very 'samey' and competitive. I've never been one to follow the crowd, I don't feel the pressure of having to write about a particular topic or be a people pleaser. I set up my blog more than 10 years ago and have always viewed blogging as a hobby and a way of helping others. I like to keep things real and will always give my honest opinion. Recently I've felt inspired to start sharing posts on self awareness, self love and self development. Beauty products can make us feel great & give us a confidence boost, but true Beauty starts from the inside.
First topic I'd like to share is about creating boundaries. Healthy boundaries is something I have struggled with growing up. Being a caring person I tend to attract people that use me or take advantage of my kindness. I have realised recently, although I'm still very much caring and kind, I have much healthier boundaries, strength of dealing with difficult situations and I'm not afraid to speak up when necessary.  
It's so important to establish boundaries to have a healthy relationship and it is an inherent aspect of self-care. Otherwise, manipulative, abusive & unhealthy relationship patterns are created....this can be related not only to a relationship with a partner but with friends, parents, children 💖

Establishing boundaries means:
• having self-respect, self-esteem & self-worth
• teaching others how to treat you - instead of letting them treat you anyway they choose
• defining what's acceptable and unacceptable to you
• placing limits on what you do to others
• placing limits on what you do for others
• placing limits on what you allow others to do to you
• placing limits on what you allow others to do for you
• knowing when to speak up for yourself
• having the courage to speak up for yourself

Boundaries necessary to maintain healthy relationships:
• I won't accept anyone verbally abusing me.
• I won't accept anyone physically abusing me.
• I won't accept anyone emotionally abusing me.
• I won't accept anyone making their feelings, thoughts and beliefs my responsibility.
• I won't place my partner on a pedestal.
• I will not live to please others.
• I will take responsibility for my feelings/actions.
• I won't put my partner's needs before my own.
• I won't cheat on my partner.
• I won't accept my partner cheating on me. If I find out, I have to respect myself by leaving or sign us up for relationship counselling.
• I will end relationships on good terms.

What are your boundaries for a healthy relationship? 



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