Thursday 15 July 2010

Primark’s new £6 cleavage-boosting bras!

I love my Victoria Secret's famous 'Boob Job' bra (RRP $50 each) as recommended to me by lollipop26 so much I ended up buying 3 in black, beige and pink when I was in New York last December they really are amazing at boosting boobs up to two cup sizes....shame they only sell these bras in USA :(

I was really excited to hear today that good old Primark are bringing out a similar cleavage boosting bra for a purse-friendly £6!
The Maximise Your Assets bra is made from foam pads that shape around what nature provided, and at the same time giving you a realistic shape with fantastic cleavage. The bras will arrive in stores from 9th August and will come in black, caramel, cerise, red and navy as well as animal print, polka dot and lace.

Ooh, cant wait to check these out!


  1. eek exciting! I want boobies!

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Lauren xxx

    Lauren Loves...

  2. no problem, it looks EXACTLY like the Victoria Secret version xx

  3. Oooh cheeky, theres nothing like a good booster bra. God knows i need one after 2 children lol xx

  4. YAY! I'm getting one as soon as they are out! :)

    I would kill for a VS one though!


  5. i so want to try this one now!
    thanks for the heads up xx

  6. Thanks for this! Can't wait to get one :) xx

  7. Victoria's Secret are opening a store in the UK, on Bond Street I think. However not til 2012!! They have a boutique in terminal five though.

  8. @Sweetest_potato thanks for sharing i didnt know that! x

  9. oooo loving this review primark here i come !!!!!

  10. they do sell them in england. places like birkenhead, liverpool..

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