Tuesday 8 March 2011

LP Skin Therapy

LP Skin Therapy is a new skincare collection from Dr. Linda Papadopoulos, a PhD and world-renowned expert in Psychodermatology - the study of how the mind affects the skin. This range tackles both the external factors that lead to skin deterioration including sun damage and free radicals, but also tackles the internal factors of stress and anxiety. LP Skin Therapy is based on the philosophy – a healthy mind means healthy skin. Each product has a unique blend of ingredients, combining high performance actives and peptides to combat the signs of ageing with ingredients including Nootropic cognitive enhancers which are naturally derived, smart nutrients whose impact on the ability to counter the effects of stress claim to have a positive effect both physiologically and psychologically. Each product is lightly fragranced with scents from Dr. Linda’s homeland of Cyprus, including orange blossom, pomegranate and Cyprus lemons and they are suitable for all skin types. LP Skin Therapy products are priced from £15.00 to £47.00 and are available at Look Fantastic.

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  1. Have tried this collection and after a couple of days was unable to use both the cleanser and face mist. My skin stung after using the uplifting spray and have developed sore, dry patches on my face. Not sure yet about the day and night creams! Time will tell!


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