Sunday 19 June 2011

Beauty Boxes Flat Top Brush Review

You may remember reading my review of the Beauty Boxes Kabuki Brush, I have since had chance to review the Flat Top Powder 927 Brush. This brush is so versatile, it is brilliant at applying foundation, applies cream blushes (FYI: I’m loving MAC Ladyblush this month – it creates the perfect rosy glow!), powder and bronzer and is great at buffing and blending the 

product into the skin for a flawless finish. 

The brush itself is great quality, crafted from goat hair and although it is densely packed it is incredibly soft. I would compare the shape to my ELF Studio Flat Top Brush (£3.50) which I thought was super soft, but the Beauty Boxes version is far softer in comparison. I have washed the brush several times and it keeps its shape well and there has been no shredding what so ever – which in comparison MAC brushes are terrible for! 

So if you are looking for one brush that can apply foundation, apply cream blusher, powders, bronzer then this is the brush for you! A brilliant brush for travelling if you are trying to pack light rather than taking a selection of different brushes you can manage several jobs with this brush.

The Beauty Boxes Flat Top Brush is priced at £25.45 and is available from 



  1. Wow... it's very versatile! Price-wise it is quite dear, isn't it? But I bet it's worth it :))


  2. I like what the lifestyle shows are offering. They made beauty boxes out of old or plastic boxes. It is art met with aesthetics.


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