Tuesday 6 December 2011

My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

If money was no object here are a few things that I would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning! Ahhhh I can but dream....but keeping everything crossed that I am a lucky Glam 12 days of Christmas winner - more about that at a later date!

Obviously don’t take this post too seriously....but if anyone reading is feeling generous and would like to send me anything mentioned below then I wouldn’t say no ;)

Amazon kindle  

I have been uming and arring as to whether to treat myself to a Kindle since they came out - but I much prefer the new slimmer version that has just been launched. Call me old-fashioned but there's nothing better than reading a real book and turning the pages, am I alone here? However I do think a kindle would be handy for travelling as it's so lightweight. 

'Love' Ring by Sydney Evans

This lovely diamond ring has been on my wishlist for 2 years now after seeing Lorraine from the Current Custom sporting it, what girl doesn't like diamonds?!

Afternoon tea for two at The Ritz 

Ever since my afternoon tea experience at The Dorchester I have been wanting to go for another afternoon tea. Dressing up glam, beautiful surrounds, tea, cakes, dainty sandwiches, scones and cream- it's right up my street. I have always promised my mum when I move to London I'll take her for afternoon tea at The Ritz - will happen one day! ;) 

Balenciaga Giant City Handbag

Another item that has been on my wishlist for some time - a Balenciaga Giant City Bag. I have lusted after a designer handbag forever but could never justify spending nearly £1000 on a handbag, maybe my New Year Resolution will be to save up each month and that way it wouldn't feel like I had splurged so much money?!  (maybe in time for next Xmas!)

Spa Weekend

My ultimate dream getaway would be to go on a spa weekend break in a posh hotel, eat fancy food and relax with lots of pampering! Ideal locations would be somewhere exotic / Paris / New York!

Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles

These Charbonnel et Walker Pink Champagne Truffles are my favourite chocolates ever but being a chocoholic, I never say no to any chocolate to be completely honest!  

Ray Bans Aviators
I obviously love big things in life - Big Handbags, Big Hair, and love Big Sunglasses! I managed to track down the perfect pair of Ray Ban Aviators with a gold rim (possibly may of been Men's?) Sadly I left them in my hotel room in Ibiza and I've never been able to replace them or find the right pair that suits since :( 

Lulu Guinness Suitcase

Love this quirky red lips wheely suitcase from Lulu Guinness! If it's good enough for Cheryl Cole.... 

Apple Headphones
These headphones fit perfectly and are so comfortable and I have tried these on so many times in the Apple Store but with a price tag of nearly £300 I always put them back!

Apple MacBook Pro

I am an Apple Fanantic ever since my first iPhone, then the iPad 2 - there's no going back. This Apple MacBook Pro would solve my addiction to blogging and tweeting. I can but dream.....  

I could go on but better stop now before I get completely carried away!  If money was no object what would be on your ultimate Christmas Wishlist?


  1. I love your list. Actually I also have the same things on my mind especially the tea for two at the Ritz. My sister just came back from her Europe trip (unfortunately I had to be here cz of work!)I was so jealous! I hope you get one of those nice things on your list. I would be wishing the same for me. teehee :)

  2. I'd love Kindle or iPad 2, but to be honest I'd most like pair of Louboutins or other designer item. ;) X


  3. I absolutely LOVE that ring (no pun intended)! Very cute gift ideas.

  4. Ohhh that list could work for me as well, oh yes, I would add a couple of things more but it is quite good.


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