Sunday 11 March 2012

Aussie Virtual Styling Class

Wednesday evening I took part in a Aussie Angels Virtual Styling Class with Aussie & Hair Stylist Eugene Davis to teach me how to create 'The Gorge'....whilst on the Train! The 'Gorge' trend is shiny, glossy and well dressed hair using classic good old-fashioned hairstyling skills, with great products will always result in a beautiful look. received a product pack a few days before in the post which contained 3 Aussie Products to help create the look:

Aussie Texturising Conditioning Gel Spray - Spritz some of this spray into damp hair, work in and blow-dry. As my hair is naturally curly/wavy I tend to use this lightly on the ends of my hair to create that beachy wave texture that conditions at the same time. 

Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse - When it comes to volume, everyone's got their limits. This mousse works on each strand of hair, letting you create your desired amount of va-va-voom. This is one of my fav Aussie products - it really does what it says on the tin and creates volume without being sticky. *Top tip* If your hair is looking a little flat the day after you have washed it, apply a small amount of this mousse to dry hair into your roots at the crown and then blow-dry you will be amazed at the volume! Like all Aussie products it smells amazing!

Aussome Volume + Glossy Hair Spray - Added Sea Kelp into this lightweight spray that loves volume and shine.  I find this spray can go a little crispy and sticky if you apply it directly to your hair, but Eugene suggested either spraying very lightly from a distance or spray onto a brush or your fingers!  

Before the class began I washed my hair with Aussie Volume Shampoo & Conditioner (not on the train I should add!) and we needed curling tongs (I used my Cloud 9 Hair Straighteners to do this), hair grips and a hair dryer! Unfortunately with being on the train my internet connection kept cutting out, but I still managed to improvise! During the class we were able to tweet or live chat to Eugene to ask him and the Aussie team questions.

With freshly washed hair and slightly damp (I damped mine with the Gel Spray) I applied some Aussie Mousse in the roots and crown to create volume and blasted with hair dryer - I was getting funny looks on the train but what's new!? I sectioned my hair and starting from the bottom working my way up I curled each piece of hair loosely and secured with a hair grip until it they had cooled and set. Once I had done my whole head I sprayed lightly with hairspray and left for about 20 minutes to cool before removing the grips and separated the waves. The end result was soft loose waves which is great for summer. Sorry I didn't take many photos as you can imagine I was getting enough funny looks as it was!! :0 If you would like me to do a blog post with step-by-step photos let me know!

Let me know if you try this look at home? What are your favourite Aussie products?


  1. I can't believe you actually did this on the train, you nutter! Looks great though :)

  2. Looks great :) Love their 3 minute miracle conditioner, always works wonders on my hair :)


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