Monday 5 March 2012

Special Reader Offer at Lisa Shepherd & What's inside my Goody Bag?

If you saw my post on Lisa Shepherd's Birthday Blogger event last week you will know I was thrilled with how speedy my cut & blow dry was and how generous the goody bags were. Thought I would share with you what was inside the goody bag and also let you know about a special treat for you all if you fancy being pampered by the Lisa Shepherd team or are in need of a speedy trim like I was!

ghd Oval Dressing Brush
This reminds me of an updated modern take on the old-fashioned Mason & Pearson hairbrush I had as a Kid! It's a natural bristle brush that is perfect for dressing and finishing the hair, whether wearing up or down and is a very sleek design. To be honest I'm not sure how much use I would get our of this as when I style my hair I tend to not brush it out at the end as I prefer a messier look but I think the ghd quality is amazing as I already own one of their skinny blow-drying brushes (old style) but I much prefer their new sleek black and chrome designs.  You can find ghd brushes and accessories from Look Fantastic & Feel Unique

ghd Curl Hold Spray
Lightweight spray that helps give long lasting curls and waves and contains heat defense - smells lovely too! Shall be using this next time I curl my hair - it is to be used on dry hair I should point out and to be used sparingly. You can find this from Look Fantastic & Feel Unique

Kera Straight Anti-Static Carbon Comb
My hair at times gets very static, especially when I have just blow-dried so this is a genius idea! Carbon combs are one of the lightest, strongest and most durable, and withstand extreme heat, combs in the professional hair industry and because of the unique composition, they are completely static free, which helps prevents fly-away and frizz.  The comb is wide-toothed at one end which is handy and saves you having two separate combs. 

Kera Striaght Protein Mask
Interested to try this out as it promises to form a protein net that rebuilds the hair's strength and continues to work within the hair rebuilding for up to 48 hours!

Schwarzkopf Hair therapy Oil Miracle
I am currently testing out several hair oils, so this is a nice one to add to the collection, especially since I haven't seen any reviews on this particular brand. It is described as a light finishing treatment for fine to normal hair and to be applied to towel-dried hair. It's a good size sample to take away with me when I travel. You can find this from Beauty Bay & Feel Unique

Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust it Texture 24H Volume effect
This is a mattifying powder to create a soft matt effect with texture and volume. It is in a red shaker tub that reminds me of a salt & pepper shaker! I have tried this and it has such a strange texture to it , its a powder but once rubbed into the scalp it almost feels like sand, it's very hard to explain but it gives a nice matte finish and volume to the roots which is completely invisible - a good alternative to dry shampoo. You can find this from Beauty Bay & Feel Unique

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
I have tried this before and really like it, so its nice to have a travel size to take away with me on trips. I have been meaning to do a full review of this as I was impressed, as I was with the Philip Kingsley shampoo & conditioner I have also tried. You can find this from Look Fantastic , Feel Unique, Beauty BayJohn Lewis

Lisa Shepherd Voucher
Last but not least a voucher to use at Lisa Shepherd against our next appointment - I definitely intend on getting regular trim every 6-8 weeks to keep my locks in good condition and hopefully it shall grow quicker without snapping off at the ends.

So now onto your special treat, as a Perfectly Polished reader if you quote my blog when you call to make an appointment at Lisa Shepherd London, you will not only receive 25% off any treatment but you shall also receive a complimentary shampoo and conditioner! Have you visited Lisa Shepherd London salon before? 

Lisa Shepherd 
24 Mortimer Street, London, W1T 3JP
0207 4679560 

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