Tuesday 13 March 2012

Dalani Home & Living - Twin Competition

Dalani Home & Living is the UK’s leading shopping club whereby you can save up to 70% off RRP the best home ware brands for members. Membership to Dalani is absolutely free and members receive a daily newsletter letting you know what brands are on sale each day. Dalani are running two fantastic competitions for my readers: the chance to win a £50 voucher for taking part in Competition 1 and a £250 voucher if you take part in Competition 2! Not only that but all my Perfectly Polished readers will receive a £15 voucher if they sign up to the website!

Competition 1:
For the chance to win an exclusive £50 Dalani voucher, all you have to do is make sure you are a following Perfectly Polished and sign up to Dalani for free then email me your answer the Competition question below before the closing date 2/4/12 at 9AM. Not only that but you shall be rewarded with a £15 voucher for just signing up so everyone is a winner! Please email your answer to perfectlypolishednails@gmail.com with the subject line: Dalani Competition 1. The lucky winner shall be announced by 5/4/12.

Competition 1 Question: What is the name of the brand in the sale at the top of the Dalani homepage?

Competition 2:
Dalani are giving two lucky readers across all 36 participating blogs the chance to win a £250 voucher! To take part in the competition, simply visit the Dalani website and select a number of items of your choice to the value of £250 that you would like to use to revamp a room in your house. Once you have selected your items, comment below on this post with which items you have chosen and why. Dalani will select the 2 winners from all the comments and they shall win a £250 voucher! This competition closes on 2/4/12 at 9AM.

After having a browse of the Dalani Website, they have a wonderful selection of quirky home ware, colourful unusual prints and shabby chic French style furniture. Personally if I was revamping my living room and only had a budget of £250 I would choose the Stylish Moores Candles in Indian Ginger, the Danalight Slim Floor Light in Black and the brightly coloured Amy Butler Rug to update the room for Spring.

Good Luck!


  1. Wow - what a generous prize! Well, first of all, I am fed up of my puppy Lhasa Apso and her pedal bin emptying ways, so the Brabantia Touch Bin is on the top of my list.

    Nobody ever remembers to fold the top of the bread packet back over, so the Brabantia Bread Bin is another gorgrous must-have:


    And totally, totally frivolous but I can't resist candles:


    Perfect for locking myself awayin the bedroom and just shutting out the world for half an hour!

  2. http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22907&cat=799&page=1

    – I Love my room to have a gorgeous smell about it and this one sounds divine, the ceramic tank has an air of old beautiful objects with the imperfect surface which I adore


    - another scent and design which just seems too good to miss in a contrasting but complimenting design


    – cool and quirky whilst being essential for comfort- I think red is going to be the accent of my room


    – adds an unusual element and interest to the room,something to look at and stand out against a plain wall


    –exudes elegance I think will provide the perfect balance against the pocket watch cushion


    – a nostalgic glance at my colourful flower and butterfly infused childhood whilst updating it to grown up stylishness.


    – who could think of not having the matching pillow case!

    – or bed spread!

  3. Giles patterson13 March 2012 at 23:40

    Danalight Trix Floor Light Black £96

    This delightful lamp with feet of three, will bring happiness and light to the wife and me.

    Alexander Rose Acacia Tea fo Two Set £99

    we definately need this in the garden outside, so we can talk and chat with a glass of wine.

    Danalight Ball Table Light Black Glass £53

    and finally a light of black glass, so cheap, in the bedroom i'll turn it off and may not sleep.

  4. Lovely items

    I'm going to go for a 'my sanctuary' selection; for when i want to relax and have some me time in my boudoir:

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22749&cat=787&page=1 to put tea lights in for atmoshpere £13

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22743&cat=787&page=1 to place some beautiful cut flowers in £19

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22899&cat=799&page=1 to scent my room £26

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22699&cat=777&page=1 A gorgeous bedspread for warmth and softness £54

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22714&cat=777&page=1 sheets to snuggle up to £24

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22802&cat=791&page=1 a soft rug to place my feet onto afterwards £59

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22984&cat=803&page=1 to carry my cup of tea into bed with me £8

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22880&cat=802&page=1 so i can hear the birds outside £16

    http://www.dalani.co.uk/product.php?productid=22783&cat=788&page=1 to hold a beautiful picture of my family £21

  5. What a gorgeous range of top quality products for the home!

    My selection has taken some thought, and I have focused my choices based on three distinctive areas around the home, which are the lounge, bedroom and garden. I think these select pieces would look beautiful in my home and would add real depth, colour, scent and add to the homely feel I am trying to achieve. The items chosen are as follows:

    Manyara Wood Multi Frame - Nkuku Frames £35
    Monarch Tray - Fringe Studio £8
    Move Floor Light Cream - Danalight £88
    Vanilla Candle - Butterfly Embellished - Fringe Studio £21

    *I love the rustic look of the multi photo frame, and would be great for displaying family photos. The tray is beautiful and of very original design, it would add some colour to our coffee table. The floor light is modern and sophisticated and would add some great lighting to the corner of the room. The cream colour would add to the light colour of the picture frame. To add a warm homely feel I have selected the vanilla candle, which not only will match the design of the tray but will give the room a fresh vanilla scent.

    Alice king size duvet cover - Horrockses £35
    Alice housewife main pillowcase x2 - Horrockses £6.50 x2
    Alice housewife secondary pillowcase x2 - Horrockses £5.50 x2

    *The Alice duvet collection is simple and yet stylish. It is not too girly so my partner would approve and the simple design would go very well with the oak furniture already in our bedroom.

    Birdhouse - Square - Wikholm £9
    Bird Feeder - Wikholm £16
    Olivia large pot - Wikholm £13
    Olivia medium pot - Wikholm £6

    * I love accessories for the garden to enhance it's look, and love nothing more than providing an additional home for the birds, and feeding areas. So the items chosen were an easy pick, I have chosen this gorgeous birdhouse and hanging bird feeder. Just in time for some spring planting, I have also chosen a pair of Olivia pots (large and medium) to plant fresh herbs in. I love the style of these pots - they would definately bring a modern feel to my garden. All of these items are from Wikholm who have a fabulous selection of garden accessories available!

    All the items total: £259.90 - fantastic value for the quality and selection of items.

  6. Having been house bound now for over a year I think I would use the £250.00 to spice up the living room and/or bedroom...
    I would add colour and fun with TWO LAPA SUNRISE PRINT LARGE CUSHIONS @ £45.00 each. I would then use THREE LARGE MOTHER OF PEARL PHOTO FRAME @ £14.00 each to add happier memories to a situation of full of hospital visits and specialists.
    I would scatter a selection of fragrant candles and diffusers in the living room and bedroom to create a calming environment. The candles would be ONE CERAMIC TANK LEMONGRASS @ £36.00, ONE IRIS AND BERGAMOT CANDLE IN A GLASS JAR @£44.00 AND TWO ROUND INDIAN GINGER CANDLES @ £19.00 each.

    The total spent would be £250.00. And if I do not win the competiton I think I will still buy the candles as they seem amazing and prices are fantastic from Karen Darby xx

  7. Im in love with the Danalight Hall Floor Light in Red so I'd get one of those and with the change I'd get 2 x Nkuku Franjipani Cups in blue and 2 x in pink, plus a Nkuku Large Eva Bowl Red to brighten up my breakfast area. @mamamakes

  8. 1. Rocking Chair because it looks so comfy.
    2.Paris Travel Paperweight - because we went there last year and my six year old loved going up the Eiffel Tower.
    3. Small Tealight Holder
    4.Faceted Glass Pendant Lamp
    5.Timora - Aqua
    6.Carnegie Bath Sheet - White and Calgary Hand Towel - White
    7. Tangerine Teakwood Diffuser

  9. I moved to London last year with only my suitcase so I would love to win items for my bedroom to make it feel like my little haven of relaxation instead of the mix-matched hodge podge it is at the moment!

    Below would be my wish list

    Abstract floral duvet cover - double Delbanco
    Gardenia Diffuser Illume
    Oceano Soy Candle Illume
    Amaranth flamingos limited edition giclee print Chloe Croft
    Magenta flamingos silk cushion Chloe Croft
    Large Blackened Silver Wall Mirror The William Francis Collection

    Awesome competition!

  10. I love the Goose feather duvet - king
    Pair of goose pillows.
    and the large ratan basket. These would help me ti improve my bedroom to no end and even make my laundry look stylish.

  11. £250 to spend here would be a massive treat, helping me add some colour and comfort to my house. I would pick 5x Royal Ascot Sand Bath sheets to give my whole family a cosy bath time totalling £90. A triple frame Blue Wood @£23 to put a photo of each of my sisters in. 1x Olive Green frame large @£36 to put a photo of my mum in. 1x mercury Glass Pendant for my bedroom @39 and 1x Ribbed glass pendant for the dining room @52. Just under £250
    These things look so beautiful. I dream of this stuff :-)

  12. Would love the Oneida Cascada 44 piece cutlery giftbox because we are in desperate need of a decent set of cutlery - we have got a hodge podge of ones that we have gathered over the years (left over ones that haven't broken) so would love a nice quality set matches and these ones look like they would last a life time!
    We need a new kitchen clock so Brookpace Lascelles DANDELION AND FAIRIE TIN WALL CLOCK would be perfect.
    The Keri Bevan Photography FLOWER GEORGIA PRINT would look lovely in our hallway. Thanks for running such a fab competition xoxo

  13. The Classic Square mirror is old style and glam - would look fabulous in my front room :) @pipersky1

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