Thursday 15 March 2012

Review: Ginvera Whitening Marvel Gel

I was recently contacted by Ginvera to try their BB Cream along with their Whitening Marvel Gel and as I am loving BB creams at the moment I was more than happy to give it a go as it was a brand I've not heard of before. Unfortunately I have been holding off reviewing the BB Cream as I can't say I can really give a fair review as I haven't been able to properly test it out. Reason being firstly the shade is far too dark for me and doesn't seem to blend well like other BB Creams I would say it's more like a foundation. Secondly the scent really puts me off - it has a very strong sickly scent that was bad enough putting on my hand never mind face bleurrghh!

Anyway....onto the Whitening Marvel Gel which is not a product I would ever consider buying as I don't wish to lighten my skin up I'd rather be darker!! However when Ginvera mentioned this was brilliant product to remove blackheads I was intrigued. I have tried all sorts to get rid of Blackheads around my nose (best are the Biore nose strips or simply using a hot cloth and scrub to deep clean) but I find nothing ever shifts them completely

The Ginvera Whitening Marvel Gel claims to:
1) Removes blackheads painlessly
2) Softens the cornified layer and gently removes dead skin cells
3) Refines pores and reveals finer, smoother skin
4) Fades pigmentation spots and acne scars 
5) Removes oil seeds around eye area 
6) Regulates and balances oil secretion, prevent pimples 
7) Evens out skin tone to give skin clarity
8) Dull and rough skin becomes smoother and fairer
9) Stimulates skin metabolism (?) skin becomes younger
10) Allows rapid and instant penetration of skincare products applied subsequently  

So I used a pea sized amount of the gel after cleansing and when my skin is dry and only applied it around my nose, as that's my only area of concern when it comes to blackheads. It has a herbal scent but nothing overpowering like their BB cream. It says it is safe to use on the eye area and to lighten dark circles but I don't think I would risk that. Not sure why but I'm funny about using products that don't say they are specifically for that area eg. I would never use something on my face that is meant for my body - even thought I'm sure its perfectly OK to do so.  

As you rub the gel in it clumps together and turns into flakes yet it doesn't feel like its exfoliating, there are no beads so feels very gentle and non-abrasive. I'm not sure if it's actually made any difference to removing blackheads, it's still early days, but it definitely does a good job of removing dead skin cells and leaves your skin silky smooth after use. My only gripe is it contains dimethicone (silicone oil) which can block your pores hmmm! As you all know I prefer to use natural skincare products on my skin and steer clear of harsh chemicals or silicones. Would be interested to hear if you have any experiences of using dimethicone on your skin? Have you tried anything from Ginvera? What do you find good to remove blackheads?


  1. Good post, shame about the BB cream!

  2. Ahh totally forgot about this gel, used it before and it's great! x

  3. Great review! Are you going to carry on using the marvel gel do you think? x

  4. I've already been using this Marvel Gel for at least several months, it really makes you feel like it's exfoliating the dead skin away as it flakes off after rubbing it, but I'm really not sure if it's made any significant difference to the amount of blackhead I've got... :(

    The Ginvera brand has been around for ages, especially in Asia (where I'm from as well) so it's well-known to me, but I guess nobody's heard of it outside Asia!

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