Wednesday 21 March 2012

Beauty Box News: Carmine & GLOSSYBOX Merging

I found out the news earlier that Carmine & GLOSSYBOX are to join forces starting from next month. From what I have read Carmine will be stopping their beauty box subscription service immediately and there shall be no March box with no explanation as to why? Carmine is one of the boxes that I was yet to try, and I guess now I won't get the opportunity, but from the good reviews it seems to be always consistent, since it launched in October last year, with keeping it's subscribers happy with extremely generous full size sizes and a good selection of luxury products. 

I have wondered for a while are all these French based companies all secretly linked?? It seems there have been quite a few changes recently to the Beauty Box craze, with Feel Unique cancelling their box, Jolie & Bourdoir Prive merging and the addition of new boxes on the market, like She Said Beauty (click here for a 25% discount code). The product buyer from Carmine has joined She Said Beauty which is good news!

I don't recall seeing any negative reviews on Carmine - although the packaging in my opinion wasn't the nicest with the bright green! It seems a lot of the Beauty Community are a bit miffed with how Carmine has handled the merge - it seems that there was little or no communication to most of their subscribers or affiliates. It will be interesting to see what their first merged box with GLOSSYBOX shall look like!

Were you a Carmine subscriber? Are you looking forward to seeing the Carmine/Glossybox merged box? 


  1. I'm really bummed about this 'cos I LOVE my Carmine box. It's superior in every way to Glossybox as far as I' m concerned. I hope glossybox step up their game now!

  2. the carmine boxes were always much better than the glossyboxes, but the she said box was better than most glossy boxes too! xx

  3. Aww ive only been signed up to carmine for 2 month and have loved the boxes i have recieved so far! Hopefully the products will keep the same standard when they merge, or unfortunately i will be unsubscribing. X

  4. I agree 100% with aimeeus Carmine was always the stand out box for me only one box was a bit meh but that was only down to personal preference rather than a poor box. I'm really hoping that this merger leads to an improvement in Glossybox I've been on the verge of cancelling a few times so atm I'm going to give them another chance. The only worrying aspect for is the product buyer from Carmine isn't going to Glossybox, I believe their going to She Said which should be interesting x
    Oh and I think Carmine have treat their writers really badly they should have know well before any emails were sent to subscribers

  5. I loved Carmine and unsubbed from Glossy last month as i was always disapointed. By the sounds of it its not a merge, theyve just asked us kindly to go sun to glossy. So i think there wont be any difference to the usual Glossy so im not re-subbing. think i will try this months She Said, as ive already subbed then quit boxes for good, I waste so much that i might aswell read reviews and just buy the one product I want!

  6. I sub to Carmine, Glossy & She Said. I can't see that Glossy will show any improvement with the merger, I just hope that the She Said Box will be better now the Carmine buyer has moved to them.

  7. A shame Carmine has ceased as they were the best out of all of them I feel. I wonder if we are seeing an end to the trend of beauty boxes as there are too many of them in the marketplace?

  8. I paid up front for 6 months of carmine which I loved. I only received 2 months boxes and have yet to be able to track anyone down to refund me my extra 4 months, has anyone else had this problem

    1. Yes, they owe me £100+ too. I subscribed for a year.

  9. It would have been polite to refund all of their subscribers before shutting up shop. There are a lot of annoyed, un-refunded people out there. Myself included.

  10. I've been e-mailing Glossybox trying to get answers. You'd think they'd have some info having merged with Carmine but all I've had is "Carmine doesn't exist anymore". How helpful.

  11. Threaten to report them to trading standards. They have escentially stolen money from people

  12. Just a little update for you guys. We had the bank investigate Carmine for fraud and, low and behold, we got a full refund pretty quickly. :-)


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