Thursday 2 August 2012

Savvy Shopping Online: My Voucher Codes

When shopping online do you usually find yourself asking on Twitter if there are any discount codes floating about for your favourite stores? I thought I would share a few tips on how to find the best discount codes and save money when shopping online. 

1. Set yourself a budget (and stick to it!) Shopping online and paying via paypal can sometimes feel like your not spending real money but unfortunately you are! If your virtual basket is bulging but you can't afford to pay for all the items, you can always save items to a wish list and wait until next month's payday!

2. Shop Around - check various websites as normally online retailers offer the same products at different prices so research who has the best deal.

3. Take Shipping Costs into consideration - some online retailers charge expensive shipping costs however most offer free postage - it's always worth checking if there are any discount codes running!

4. Online Coupon Service -  MyVoucherCodes is the number 1 voucher and deals website in the UK. They are a free service that scour the web for good deals, online coupons, promotional codes and links to discounts and exclusive vouchers.  Their purpose is to allow customers to economise and make great savings on a vast range of high street stores.

5. Read Product Reviewsthe biggest advantage to shopping online is the ability to access information instantly. Before making a purchase, especially a big one, it's a good idea to research the product. Ask friends & Family for advice or recommendations and read honest product reviews from other customers. 

What are your tips to save money when shopping online?


  1. Like you, I always check MyVoucherCodes before buying anything because you never know what you'll find! I once found a 30% off code which saved me around £20 so it's definitely worth checking!

    And product reviews too. What did we do without the internet? I search for reviews on everything cosmetic and electronic before I buy. I've found some utter bargains before which I'd turned my nose up at because of the price and similarly avoided products from big brands because they had less than shining write ups.

    These are great tips. It's amazing how easy it is to bargain hunt online!

    -Olivia xxx

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  3. I always try to wait before buying in the sales because I find that after a little while the sale items are reduces even more!

    Do check out my review of the new Dior perfume!

  4. Great thinking, I must try this!

    Check our our blogs!

    Negeen Amuzegar, Blogger, &

  5. As well as taking shipping costs into consideration, you should also think about returns. Some companies have free returns, others will accept them in store, but a lot don't, which is a pain in the bum if you're a fussy cow like me. I wonder how much money I rack up in a year sending clothes back...actually it's best if I don't think about that!

    Hayley x

  6. "Set yourself a budget (and stick to it!)" - I strive to follow the budget I‘ve allotted myself to shop! It's really hard, you know? But, it's the only way not to overspend and max-out my credit card in just one sitting. Haha! Another thought in mind is the shipping cost, we always think if we got an item on sale then it's a steal, sometimes, but the shipping cost is the same as what you paid for the product as well. Actually, "Shop around" is a very good idea because other shops sell the same merchandise for a lower cost. So, always scout for the cheapest price there is in the market.


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